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Speaking the language of adolescence

Speaking the language of adolescence

What language does my adolescent speak? Sound familiar?  

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with an adolescent, or heck, if you’ve ever been an adolescent yourself, you’ve probably asked yourself this very question! One major difference, though, between you as the parent and your son/daughter as the adolescent is the major shift in communication with the inclusion of modern technology.

Modern technology - phones, computers, tablets, social media - has changed parenting and has changed the way we interact with each other and the way our children interact with their peers and their family members.

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling can be incredibly beneficial to relieve stress, regulate emotion and organize your thoughts. How to begin? Start with whatever is on your heart - try not to pay attention to punctuation or how eloquent is sounds. Remember this is an activity just for YOU. 
Looking for some "starters"? Here are a few suggestions. I'd love to hear your thoughts on journaling - what works for you, what doesn't?

Hope is.....
Happiness is......
My wellness is connected to......
When I picture a happy life I see.


It's hard to live in a daily state of unwell. Sometimes the best comfort comes not from pills but from people.  Make every effort to surround yourself with the right type of people!  You know the kind I mean....the ones that aren't afraid to hear about your aches/pains, the ones that can laugh with you one moment and cry with you the next!  

Even during the moments you're feeling well, someone who lives with a chronic illness can feel it looming.  The pill bottles are staring at you, the machines are in the corner of the room, the doctors appointments are on the calendar.

But she doesn't look sick

But she doesn't look sick?!  Have you ever used your handicapped parking sign and gotten "those looks".  Like we should be able to spot a mile away who is sick enough to be able to use a handicapped sign.  

Here's the startling reality folks, the majority of chronically ill people look just like you and I.  In fact, sometimes they are the images we strive to become.  How often have you seen a person on the street or on the beach and thought "how do they stay so thin?

Maternal Mental Health

Happy May!  A new month, a new season!  While flowers are blooming all around us, so are mothers and families!  May is maternal mental health awareness month so let us embrace and celebrate them! 

Maternal wellness encompasses a variety of elements.  There's physical wellness, of course.  As moms, we try our best to follow up with our OB/GYN's, our family physicians, eye doctors, etc.  What else constitutes a mothers' wellness?  Community outreach?

Speaking in code

How are you doing today?  We all hear that question repeated throughout the day.  What's the typical response?  "I'm good. You?".  

Now say you haven't been feeling well or you just had surgery and someone asks how you're doing.  You may respond a bit more honestly telling them about your discomfort.  "I feel awful.  It hurts just to get out of bed.  I've never felt like this before."  Now, imagine that discomfort, multiply it by 10, add a dozen or more pills and daily treatments and you'll begin to understand

Best time of your life???

Congratulations!  Isn’t this just the best time of your life?!  You must be so happy!  These early moments are so precious! 

Sound familiar?  Are you hearing these words from your friends & family and not really feeling “right”?  Are you struggling with how you “should” be feeling and how you actually are feeling about being a new mom?  Well, you are not alone!  Many women (at least 1 in 7) experience some form of postpartum stress, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Our wellness

I'm thrilled to be a part of a wonderful wellness center in Berwyn, PA!  Primary Chiropratic Center in Berwyn offers a wide range of services to address all your needs, both physically and emotionally!  Some of the practitioners in the group include a chiropractor, massage therapist, harpist therapist, nutritionist, homeopathic counseling and breast thermography!  

I'm so fortunate to be associated with this group of women!  When we naturally take care of our bodies and our spirits, our lives are healthier, more productive and overall, happier!
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