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Maternal Mental Health

Happy May!  A new month, a new season!  While flowers are blooming all around us, so are mothers and families!  May is maternal mental health awareness month so let us embrace and celebrate them! 

Maternal wellness encompasses a variety of elements.  There's physical wellness, of course.  As moms, we try our best to follow up with our OB/GYN's, our family physicians, eye doctors, etc.  What else constitutes a mothers' wellness?  Community outreach?

Best time of your life???

Congratulations!  Isn’t this just the best time of your life?!  You must be so happy!  These early moments are so precious! 

Sound familiar?  Are you hearing these words from your friends & family and not really feeling “right”?  Are you struggling with how you “should” be feeling and how you actually are feeling about being a new mom?  Well, you are not alone!  Many women (at least 1 in 7) experience some form of postpartum stress, anxiety, and mood disorders.
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